Why I never wanted to blog before now (launch cycle-part 2)

There are several reasons why I have failed to join blogging-nation and it’s not just one of these reasons but all of these flowing together:1.  ONE-WAY CONVERSATION.  I always thought that blogging was what people did who thought they had something profound to say but did not want to actually dialogue with anyone about it.   Sort of like a conversation where one person has the microphone and the other person doesn’t.  “I’m going to blog so I can state everything I feel and not have to deal with anyone’s reaction.”  I just thought it was a poor method of honest conversation.2. ISOLATIONISM. I thought blogging would keep me fromcommunity and only enable me to isolate myself from people.  One of the reasons why  I didn’t jump on the “traveling-camp-speaker-bandwagon” early on in my ministry was because I realized that it would propel me to shallowness  (that, and I wasn’t as cool and good as Matt Chandler or Wes Hamilton).  I realized that I would so easily  preach the same message while working in different ways to emote myself on stage – then pack up, leave – and go do it all over again with another group of people.  So with every new gig I would just push myself into isolation and the temptation to avoid authentic community.  And up until lately, this is how I viewed the Bloggers.  Disconnected from real conversations and real people.  Isolated in shallowness.3.  ANNOYING. To be honest, the self-promotion involved when someone wanted me to read his blogs annoyed me.  Seriously, I would get many “read my blog” invitations and I would often think — “yea, I’m doing OK…thanks for asking.  Oh wait, you weren’t asking?  You were telling me to spend 20 minutes of my time to read about your newest ground-breaking thought that flooded your mind while you were “flooding” the toilet.”  Seriously, it  annoyed me for a while (ok… it still kind of does).4.  INTEREST. I just didn’t think anyone would really waste time to read something that I wrote.  I might think this because of how I felt about bloggers (see above) or there might be a deeper reason.  As a pastor of people for years, I have heard every excuse in the book why the intake of Scripture is so difficult.  I would rather spend my energy inspiring others to read God’s Bloginstead of “Deep Thoughts by Jason Goings”.  Also, I have discovered that men are reading less and less and I didn’t want to write things that only women would be interested in reading.  So I thought – “Who would read what I would write?”.  (Then of course there’s that very real reason that people really won’t be interested in anything I have to write).5.  IMPACT? Simply put here – would the investment of time really matter or make an impact in anyone’s life?  I felt it wouldn’t justify the time and mental energy that it would require to faithfully blog (again, read above AND remember I’m not as cool and smooth as Matt Chandler –  notice how I put “smooth” in there?).Well, what you’ll discover in my next blog is that I am thinking differently on 4 of 5 of these reasons – and that’s enough to get me to begin this phase.  What I aim to do with this blog is just what my blog ID title states:  FUEL hearts to burn for God passionately and love others deeply.For His glory and our joy…


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