Unusual Pleasure


It’s Spring Break week here in Belton, Texas.  Belton is a college town (GO UMHB!) and has a 5A High School.  So, there are many students that “work” all year for this week.  SPRING BREAK!!!!!   This is supposed to be the week of pleasure, rest, and things unspeakable.There are many students at my church that have taken the Spring Break  invitation to be wild and free to a whole new level.  They are experiencing an unusual pleasure.Grant (our college pastor) has partnered with other churches and the BSM from UMHB to take several college students to Padre Island (sweeeeeeeet…) – for evangelism (huh?).  I just spoke with him on the phone.  He called, and being relieved that he is not in jail, I was even more relieved to hear about all that God was doing to connect churched students with the unchurched.  Saved saints living outside their comfort zones and ministering and reaching out to drunk, orgy-focused, hurting people.  That’s an unusual joy!  I love it!Meanwhile back in Belton something crazy took place.  60 students paid $75 for their Spring Break.  Their plans?  They paid this money to serve in 6 different locations through the city of Belton.  Matt (our youth minister) began this a few years ago.  What happens is that several people from his team go out and look for houses in our community that need work.  They approach the home-owners and learn their story and discern what the needs are.  Then Matt comes back and invites students to love our community like crazy.It goes something like this:  “For $75 you can come spend the night on the floor in our church building, wake up early and go spend all day painting, scraping, re-painting, digging, cleaning, building, and doing all sorts of construction.  Yes, High School and Middle School student – spend your Spring Break dying to yourself and serving people who have real needs.  And again, I’ll only charge you $75.”  Crazy.  Love.It’s called Project Belton and it might be one of my favorite things that I’ve seen done through my church.All of these students (college through middle school) are going after true pleasure this week.  Paying much money to give themselves (and maybe even more precious – their Spring Breaks) to others who really need to know just how much God loves them.What an unusual pleasure!


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