Why Blog now (part 3)


So…I realized that I failed to finish this “cycle” of blog launch.  I can give excuses – but that would bore everyone.Part 2 of why I never blogged before listed 5 reasons why I thought blogging was not for me.  I am blogging now and wanted to share why.1.  Community and Conversations.  I was wrong about the “One Way Conversation”.    Writing will allow people to know me a bit better.  I’ve learned that because of demands within my job, family, etc. that I’m not that available to many within my church.  I want them to know me as I wish to know them.  Blogging will help.I have learned so much by reading other peoples blogs, so much so that I feel like I have experienced some form of community with the actual bloggers or the others who read the blogs.  It’s grown me.  I feel like Charles Spurgeon, Randy Alcorn, and Jonathan Edwards and I are friends – though I’ve never met them simply because I know them through their pens (or keyboards).  In a small way I hope that writing will allow others to know me and cultivate cyber-community.2.  I used to think that blogging only encouraged ISOLATIONISM.  Again…wrong.  Thought it’s true that some will hide out in their rooms and blog in between Halo games instead of going to Starbucks or Chick-fil-A with a friend – blogging will actually keep me in connection with others better than not blogging.3. I also thought that bloggers were mostly self-promoting.  This annoyed me.  I still find it weird that people think that their blogging is so important to everyone else (if I ever get like that Jon Polk, John Gill, Daniel Rowe, and Khang… please tell me!).  But the truth is that I don’t read annoying people’s blogs anyway.  And those who I annoy will simply choose to not read.  So, no worries! 4.  Yea…I still might not have much that interests you especially since I plan to write about whatever interests me.  Baseball, hoops, children, parenting, family, the glory of God, marriage, cultural events, TV Shows, Heaven, Hell, church, – whatever I want to write about.  I do pray that it serves you as it serves me.5.  IMPACT? God has moved me deeply by some people that are bloggers.  Tim Challies, Matt Chandler, Piper, Brett Land, my brother, Driscoll, Geoff Payne and others.6.  Discipline.  I need to discipline myself to write more.  Writing forces me to be realistic, practical, and controlled.  Writing causes me to develop skills to communicate what matters most to me.  The weekly commitment to blog will bring that much needed discipline back into my life that I have been missing.Future blogs will be a bit more intentional and/or topical.  I just wanted to close this initial blogging cycle.  For Jon Polk…I love you!


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