A GREAT book about God’s love, sovereignty and present day Israel

I just finished reading “Son of Hamas” by Mosab Hassan Yousef and I recommend it highly.Tim Challis recommended it several weeks ago and I immediately bought it on my Kindle2.  Having been to Iran twice and recently to Israel, I have discovered that my interest in the current issues in the Middle East have grown.  I have met several people from different backgrounds who have different convictions and opinions.  So many of them hurt for their families and people.What I enjoyed about this book is that it provides the most unique insight that can be given.  Yousef’s (the author) experiences as a young boy and young man are unmatched by any that I’ve ever read.  He writes with great compassion for his Palestinian people, the Jewish people of Israel, those who declare Allah from the Q’uran to be God, and all those who have suffered in the hatred and pain in the Middle East.  And what makes his story even more amazing is that God was leading him to Truth amidst all of this toiling, imprisonment, and divided loyalties.  In the midst of working as the son of Hamas and the secret clandestine agency for Israel he was introduced to the Bible and a small group of Christians.  He was eventually baptized and is now a growing follower of Jesus Christ.Read this book.  It’s an easy, inspiring read that’s a true story.  It uncovers so much about what is really happening in Israel today.  It allowed me to see with a little more clarity the tension that a young man has for his family and people while also wanting to live in truth.  It showed me just how important it truly is to always honor our parents (and to what extent we might need to go) and just how much of an impact we can make when we obey Christ and love our enemies.Go to the website and then go download or order this book.  http://sonofhamas.com/Our God is a God of love.  A God who loved his enemy (me) and gave his life for me.  Oh, what joy is now mine because He chose to love me instead of torture me.  I pray you know that love too.Jgoings


One thought on “A GREAT book about God’s love, sovereignty and present day Israel

  1. Good & interesting review. Makes me want to read it. I always value words from someone who actually experienced what so many of us’think’ we know about. Hope what I am trying to say is clear. You have to truly admire this man.

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