Jonathan Edwards. vs. Usain Bolt

I wish Jonathan Edwards ran the hurdles.During family devotion time my wonderful wife read from Psalm 90:12 which reads, “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  She then went on to explain that God has given us the gift of this day to gain wisdom.  My sports addicted son (who was sitting in my lap) leaned over to my ear and whispered something very honest (and maybe true) that concerned him. He said, “Dad, I don’t want to be wise because everyone who is wise runs slow.”The honesty of a 6 year old who aspires to be the first person to play professional football, soccer, basketball and baseball is pure and real.  It convicted me that I should be equipping him to learn of my heroes.  Guys like Jonathan Edwards who might have been the most intelligent Pastor/Theologian of all time.  Guys like Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyon, John Newton, John Calvin, and Adoniram Judson.  At this point, I’ve done a decent job pointing him toward guys like David Robinson, Kaka, Colt McCoy, Mariano Rivera, Tim Tebow, Josh Hamilton, or even Albert Pujols.  But this is as far as I’ve gotten.I’m reminded that our children will chew on whatever we give them to chew on.  If we give them negative images, actions, attitudes, or material – they will take it in and become what they “eat”.  If we feed them positive influences, actions, attitudes, and material then likewise they will most likely aspire toward that type of person.  So, I must “take it up a notch” and intentionally celebrate God’s true men.  Men who changed culture.  Men who gave their lives for something that would outlast them.  My heroes.Of course, it would help if I had highlight videos on YouTube to help my cause.  Videos of Jonathan Edwards beating Usain Bolt in a foot race.  Charles Spurgeon dunking over Kobe.  Calvin hitting a frozen rope off Cliff Lee or Bunyon blitzing / sacking Ben Roethlisberger (actually, any one sacking any Steeler’s QB is highlight in itself).  For now, I just have to lead, read, and celebrate God’s truth in his young heart.Let’s love sports, but let’s love God’s work all the more!  His work is never ending for his glory!Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Jonathan Edwards. vs. Usain Bolt

  1. Love your words of wisdom!! You are so wise – and, always have been – wise in the way of our Savior. You are also a wonderful dad and family leader … leading the way for your precious children. Loved this blog.

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