Today’s help from Pastor Spurgeon

God used the pen of Charles Spurgeon to awaken my soul to joy this morning.  The below is taken from today’s reading of “Morning and Evening” by Spurgeon (get that book if you don’t have it!).


“In the everlasting settlements of predestinating wisdom and omnipotent decree, the eye of the Lord Jesus was ever fixed on us; and we may rest assured that in the whole roll of destiny there is not a line which militates against the interests of His redeemed…”


“Whatever blissful consequesences flow from perfect obedience, finished atonement, resurrection, ascension, or intercession (which is the work Christ has done and is doing), all are ours by His own gift.  Upon His breastplate he is now bearing our names; and in His authoritative pleadings at the throne He remembers our persons and pleads our cause.”

and then this…

“His dominion over principlalities and powers, and His absolute majesty in heaven, He employs for the benefit of them who trust Him.  His high estate is as much at our service as was His condition of abasement.  He who gave Himself for us in the depths of woe and death, doth not withdraw the grant now that He is enthroned in the highest heavens.


Starting off my morning by seeing my kids off to school, my wife wonderfully kind to me, and my ministry partners supporting me has all been a great gift.  However, that might all be gone tomorrow – and yet the truths about what my Savior has done (and is doing) for me can never be undone or destroyed. He reigns supreme…forever! 


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