That Our Joy May Be Complete

In I John 1:4, John states part of his purpose in life:  “And we are writing these things so that our joy may be complete“.  Or at least he is stating part of his purpose in writing.

There is an incomplete feeling when we gain understanding of the majesty and the grace of God if we only store it up and hold on to for our own meditation.  If we were to apply the greatest news in history just to our own life, then we are only partly living with joy.  

John later reveals another reason that he writes to others.  “My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin.” (2:1)  It obvioulsy brings John tremendous joy and pleasure to write about the story of Jesus with motive to help the readers to sin less, and know eternal life (1:2).  

I can second what John says.  When we tell (or write) the story for the good of others, our joy is compounded and grows exponentially.  Seeing the “light” go on in others (or even believeing that it will) ignites enthusiasm and joy in me that propels me to give myself more into the study of scripture and prayers of dependency on the work of the Spirit.  

This season of Advent, join John in sharing the good news.  Don’t just receive the gifts, give THE gift and watch your joy grow.  It truly is more blessed to give (the Gospel) than just to receive gifts. 

May His fame increase.  May His name be treasured.  May our joy be complete. 

Merry Christmas!  Christ has come! 


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