One of the biggest battles in the culture of the town I live in is the temptation to make sports an idol.  Whether it’s football (the obvious king of Texas), baseball, swimming, hoops, soccer or golf – there is much at stake when we begin to lead our children into that world.  Honestly, when one considers the addiction of athletic development it might be easier to find reasons NOT to submit your children to the pressures of playing sports.

However, I do find this blog entry by Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill to be helpful insight on why parents should at least consider having their children play a sport (especially while they’re really young).  Here’s the link:  7 Reasons Why Sports Are Good for Kids

Another resource I found helpful on this topic is the blog by C.J. Mahaney in which he dedicates this entire website to the idea of glorifying God in the athletic world.  He also did a series and wrote a booklet entitled, Don’t Waste Your Sports.

Hope this helps.  Whether we win, lose, or don’t play anything – God remains supreme and has an endearing and powerful love for you!

Saying all that – Go Spurs Go!  Rough night last night but great game!


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