This is the week of Vacation Bible School at our church.  Our Minister to Children is excellent as he’s spreading a vision of connecting our children with our new friends in Gulu, Uganda.  Our Sr. Pastor remains more and more excited about his role with VBS year after year (he’s on year 26 now).  Our two Ministers to Youth are pumping the children up and praying for them through the tools of recreation and games.  Witnessing all of this I often wonder if the best thing I do at VBS is to stay out of the way and watch.

However, today I was reminded of the great pleasure I have in my role.  You see on Thursdays we present to new 4th-6th graders a little booklet entitled Who Will Be King? (by Matthias Media Publishing).  We teach them about the opportunity that all people take to sin and rule their own lives and how devastating that is for our present life and our eternity.  We teach them about the opportunity that we have through Jesus Christ to allow God to take His rightful place as the one true King.  It’s the best story ever told – so we love to tell it!  My role was two-fold:  (1) I pray and (2) I hear the effects this story has on our people.

After we teach them the story we ask the children whether or not they want to talk to someone about making Jesus King of their lives.  We partner them with wonderful church members who listen, answer questions, and help them in their steps to following Jesus as King.  Then those members come and tell me about those conversations!  Some of these are stories of first steps, some are about continual and hard steps, some about affirming steps – but all were stories about children learning what it means to love Jesus Christ as a Treasure.

And I got to pray for this and then hear these stories.  Surely, the best job of the day!


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