Well, the Supreme Court finds that DOMA is unconstitutional.  As a follower of Christ and a man who values scripture not only as helpful for daily living but as the foundation for cultural wellness I am disappointed and saddened but not at all surprised.

We have seen this coming for years.  For decades my generation has been introducing into popular culture the acceptance of same-sex relationships through comedy.  From Seinfeld’s “not that there’s anything wrong with it” comedic voice to it being a major dynamic in the Friends series it was just a matter of time until Will & Grace and Modern Family normalized it for us.  The issue evolved from comedy to the platform of a political party and now we basically have full blown cultural acceptance.  So it seems that as Christians, we continued to laugh and laugh and laugh while we tolerated it all as satire … until now.

What is the now?  Well, now I turn on my radio to listen to sports scores, highlights and commentary to find myself be preached to by a sports commentators who call me ignorant and stupid for having a biblical stance on marriage and sexual relationships.  (Can’t I just watch and listen to sports without sexuality being in the discussion)?  Now, many of the religious right “leaders” will be put on the famous talk shows for their opinion – not because the media values their opinion, but because they now want to laugh and laugh and laugh and never tolerate.

Well, if interested (and still reading) I point you to two different links as you think about this issue.  One is Russell Moore on the Supreme Court decision.  It is his interview with The Gospel Coalition just hours after the decision today.  The other link will be more difficult to endure for people who are on the fence with this issue but I think it is timely and accurate.  This sermon by John MacArthur won’t be as popular and funny as Friends or Modern Family, but in reality, this is issue just isn’t that funny. 


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