Ten Enemy Attacks on Leaders

I found this article (link below) helpful as I consider how best to watch for ways my weaknesses can be exposed by the enemy.  Here is a practical way to apply this:

  1. Place a number grade by each “strategy” – with 10 being very relevant and 1 not that relevant. (I had three 8’s on my list).
  2. Then go back and place them in order of most common strategy for you to the least common strategy (1- most common, 10- least common).
  3. Then take the top five and present one each to five different people to pray for you concerning this one strategy in your life.  Invite that person to ask or follow up with you at any time as the Spirit leads them.  Important: only give ONE to each person.  I think this would empower the other person to really focus in prayer on this one strategy better.
  4. Don’t become weary in doing good and fight the good fight of faith and never lean on your own understanding in your fight for humble and holy leadership.

Ten Enemy Attacks on Leaders.

Hope this serves you well!


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