Breaking the Seal, Starting the Motion, & Maintaining Momentum

I recently read that a good friend of mine is breaking the seal with some issues in his life.  I applaud his courage and his hope that now things will begin to change.  I was reminded about some obstacles in my life and the significant process that helps maintain momentum. 

I currently weigh more than I should and lack disciplines and the fortitude to radically alter my course.  There’s no momentum.  It’s as if there is a protective seal holding me in place vs. securing me well.  Keeping me in a safe zone vs. a tough adventure.  So, like my friend Howard, I too must break this seal.  I realize that the momentum necessary for true transformation will never take place without a beginning motion.  

As I pray through the first motions that I hope grow to inspiring momentum I have the usual concerns.  First, there are important (and satisfying) demands that come from fatherhood, marriage, and ministry.  Will my new schedule appropriately give me life to maintain those responsibilities or will it wreak havoc that will ultimately kill momentum?

Second, I wonder if I’m ready for what this commitment will expose.  Am I going to be determined enough to slay addictions and submit to the pain that comes from dying to unnecessary things?  

Lastly, and most importantly, will I lose hope?  And then we’re back to that important word – momentum.  I have noticed that people only lose hope when something has wrecked their momentum in life.  Relationships end, family struggles, a shift/change in career, an injury to body or emotions, and so many other life-altering things often stop us in our “race” and kills the momentum.  This is where healthy community is key.  My friend Howard will need that.  I will need that.  We all need that. So, to assist me and help me keep my momentum I have had to entrust myself to some men who care about me and won’t let me lie to them. 

This should be a long adventure.  One that requires me to break the seal, start the motion, and maintain momentum.




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