My Response to the Supreme Court Decisions

The leadership of the United States of America has decided and acted according to their conscience concerning health care laws and the definition of family.  And now we will witness the reaction and response to all of this from all view points.

My view point is simple:  we Americans (and all nations) are idol worshippers.

Personally, I could not disagree more with the decisions given by the Supreme Court, however, I do not bow to our court system, our politicians, our traditions or our national heritage.  I will submit in humility to our leaders but not give them my affection or pay them much honor or loyalty.  There are many things I am so thankful for in our country, but I do not surrender my heart and life to an “idea” of a perfect country or culture.  Since nations are made by imperfect people, we will always have imperfect nations and governments.  No matter the country, no matter the time in history the worship of culture, country or institutions will always leave us empty.  And at some point, we’ve all done it.

However, the Gospel is the good news that Jesus died for our idol worship.  He died to give us life and rescue our hearts. Our pledges to country, to marriage, or to ideas should never replace or destroy the beauty of the news that God sent His Son to save us from our self-destruction.  As Christians, we must be ready to declare victory for all eternity.  We must be ready to help those who will throw themselves into the corruption of same-sex marriage believing it to be their key to peace.  We must be ready to understand why those who love God’s plan for the family are hurt and even feel betrayed.  We must admit, as Christians, we all know too well that we put our hope in all sorts of things that will, not only let us down, but work against our pleasure and satisfying joy.

In this season, I will not worship country or ideology.  I will not say that I’m proud of or mad at my country.  I will not cheer for those who have been given a license to extend and further their self-destruction.  I WILL seek repentance for my sin… daily.  I WILL be grieved and saddened by the horrible sins in my nation.  And I WILL strive to help others celebrate that God is supreme and that it is better to spend one day in His court than ten-thousand elsewhere – no matter the country.

I value Russell Moore’s response here:


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